Augmented reality

Marker triggered 3D model with or without animation – marker dependent after triggering

Termin Augmented Reality prvi put se pominje 1990. godine od strane istraživača u Boingu.  Aplikacija i uređaj koji su nosili tehničari da bi im prilikom popravki bio vidljiv raspored kablova na ekranu je nazvan Augmented reality.

Augmented reality je stvaran (realan) svet proširen sa kompjuterski generisanim podacima i objektima. 

Marketing and Branding with AR

Use augmented reality and virtual reality technology to create unique, interactive content which lets you reach a broader audience, capture their attention and ultimately increase the sales. Add video, graphics, animation and 3D effects to your mobile advertising, product catalogues or product packaging, and make them come to life.

Architecture and Real Estate AR

Architecture Visualisation AR Software enables architects, construction engineers, and planners to abandon rolls of drawings, flat pieces of papers and switch to a live, 3D model showcase presentations placed in a real-world environment.

Cultural Tourism with AR

Cultural tourism organizations or institution can benefit from augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies by attracting new visitors of different age and preferences. Make an unforgettable, fun experience for tourists to take photos and interact on the spot, share their experiences on social media and spread positive word-of-mouth.